A Lazy Eater’s Guide to Seattle, Part I: Downtown

Places to Eat In Seattle
Generally, I travel because I’m curious and I want to learn about a community’s history, economy, society and culture, or to explore the natural environment.

On our recent trip to Seattle, I did none of those things.

Exhausted in Seattle

The trip was scheduled for just after an important meeting for which Kevin and his colleagues had worked 16-20 hour days, 7 days a week. As it was his first weekend off in a few months, he desperately needed time to sleep and to relax. I also had been occupied the previous week and hadn’t thought much about the trip. In fact, this was the extent of my planning:

From that, Spencer recommended some neighborhoods to explore, Jason recommended some restaurants, and the Seattle tourist board put me in touch with a craft beer blogger who shared some local breweries and beer bars.

Armed with this information, and some research I did on my phone in the airport and via a local newsweekly, we carried out a successfully low-key exploration of three Seattle neighborhoods (Downtown, Capitol Hill, and Fremont) through food and drink. We were staying at a hotel downtown (near the Space Needle) so we were able to walk to all the downtown locations and also to Capitol Hill, though we took a bus back. Fremont is a 15-20 minute bus ride from downtown.

Though we didn’t visit any museums, talk to many locals, or learn anything really of significance about the place, we did find some great places to eat in Seattle. Here they are by neighborhood:

Downtown Seattle:

Pike Place Market

Places to eat in Seattle - Pike Place Market

No trip to Seattle is complete without a walk through this gargantuan public market which houses vendors selling fresh produce, meats, fishes, flowers, speciality food products, artisan crafts, and all the tourist junk you can imagine. As we were there on a Saturday, the main market was crowded and somewhat claustrophobic, so we didn’t stay there very long.

Places to eat in Seattle - Shops within Pike Place Market

It was very hard to tell where the market ended and the local businesses began, the blocks next to the market are meandering alleys filled with a vast diversity of food stalls, food shops and restaurants, so I wasn’t always sure whether some of the businesses we visited were technically part of the market. But it was fun to explore the alleys and see the various things the vendors were selling.

Beecher’s Handmade Cheese

Places to eat in Seattle - Beechers Handmade Cheese

This working cheese factory and cheese shop is right across the street from one of the main entrances to Pike Place market. Through the enormous glass windows on the street as well as in the public cheese shop, you can watch the staff crafting the cheese. The staff were quick and skilled throwing the floppy blocks of cheese around without breaking them.

Places to eat in Seattle - Beechers Handmade Cheese

You can sample a handful of cheeses from within the store. The herb cheese curds were my favorite so we bought a small tub.

Beecher’s Cheese on: Beecher's Handmade Cheese on Urbanspoon

(Not really) the first Starbucks

The first Starbucks in Seattle

A few doors up from Beecher’s is what is commonly thought of as the very first Starbucks coffee shop. According to Wikipedia, it’s one of the longest continually operating cafes, but not the original location at 2000 Western Avenue, a block north. Still, probably 50 people waited in line to get a coffee or commemorative merchandise there. We took a picture and moved on.

Rachel’s Ginger Beer

Places to eat in Seattle - Rachels Ginger Beer

In the mass of shops adjacent to Pike Place market, this brightly colored display of flavored ginger beers piqued our curiosity. We sampled a few, and while they weren’t overly gingery or spicy, they had good fruit flavors. You can get the various flavors poured on tap and blended into an ice cream float (which is what we did) or even spiked as a cocktail.

Rachel’s Ginger Beer on Rachel's Ginger Beer on Urbanspoon

Penzeys Spices

Places to eat in Seattle - Penzeys Spices

Though not native to Seattle, this specialty chain spice store is a really fun place to browse. Every single spice in their vast collection is available to smell and if you’ve never compared cinnamon from various countries of origin and the many, MANY varieties of paprika, it’s worth a stop in to smell the difference.

Serious Pie

Places to eat in Seattle - Serious Pie has some serious pizza!

True to name, this pizzeria takes pizza seriously! This restaurant was my top find in Seattle. Not only was the golden chanterelle and truffle cheese pizza that we ordered amazing, they also serve some exceptional homemade sodas. We tried both flavors they had, blueberry and the wild cherry shrub. A “shrub” is a slightly fermented, fruit and vinegar syrup that results in a tart berry flavor. I’m trying to make a peach shrub at home right now.

Serious Pie's homemade sodas

For dessert we had their Triple Coconut Cream Pie from neighboring Dahlia Bakery. It was smooth, rich, and just perfect.

Serious Pie's Triple Coconut Cream Pie from Dahlia Bakery

Only after eating here did I find out that both Serious Pie and Dahlia Bakery were  part of the restaurateur, Tom Douglas’, Seattle conglomerate that my friend Jason had recommended.

Serious Pie on: Serious Pie on Urbanspoon


Places to eat in Seattle - Lola mediterranean

This mediterranean restaurant across the street from Dahlia Bakery is also part of the Tom Douglas group. We ate here on our last night and really enjoyed the appetizers and kebabs. Kevin tried the lamb kebabs and I had the Haloumi cheese, kalamata fig, and balsamic kebabs. The chocolate pie we had for dessert was good, but not as rich and flavorful as the Dahlia coconut cream pie.

Places to eat in Seattle - Lola's appetizers

Lola on: Lola on Urbanspoon

This blackberry bush

Places to eat in Seattle - A giant blackberry bush!

If you are in Seattle in the summer or early fall, there is a massive ripe blackberry bush in the parking lot between the Bellwood Cottage Park and the intersection of Elliott and Wall Street [map]. I got myself ensnared as I gorged myself on these fat, ripe berries. I was scratched up and my feet and arms were dripping with my own red blood and the purple, berry juice. It was wonderful and totally worth the price I paid!

Continue to Part II: Where to eat in Seattle’s Capitol Hill and Fremont neighborhoods

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  1. When life gives you a blackberry bush, eat blackberries. Will patiently wait for an EIT peach shrub update.
    Gerry recently posted…17 September 2013My Profile

  2. Hi Cassie – Looks like you had a tasty trip!

    Next time you visit Seattle you should try and get a tour from Bryce at White Moustache…it’s the epitome of laziness and awesomeness. He plans your eating adventure from start to finish and takes you out in his Grubwagon to all of the best places that locals don’t even know about. I keep trying to convince him to put together a tour of London but apparently the commute is too long.

    Ashley recently posted…An Open Letter to my HLM…My Profile

  3. I love Pike Place! So many delicious little places. Seattle is awesome! =)

    • Cassie Kifer says:

      Me too! I didn’t remember how absolutely enormous it is! Didn’t seem that big last time I was there, but the foodie businesses have sprawled into downtown. That’s the kind of sprawl I can get behind :)

  4. I’m obsessed with RGB. Ryan and I stumbled upon it when we were casually strolling around Pike Place.
    suki recently posted…IFBC 2013 – I’m Consuming Stuff from Amazon.com RIGHT NOWMy Profile

    • Cassie Kifer says:

      Very cool, did you try the cocktails? I wish I’d had the chance to do that, but the floats were awesome!

      Weren’t you in Seattle this past weekend? I can’t wait to hear about it!

  5. I was wondering how much the Beecher’s prices average? It looks delicious but my boyfriend and I are going 2 college kids on a budget and are going to take a trip their because on his bucket list is to put gum on the gum wall and I’m trying to find good budget friendly food.

    • Cassie Kifer says:

      Hi Jenny! It’s definitely worth trying the cheese at Beechers but I do remember it was pricy (that small tub of cheese curd pictured was about $6) so I’d recommend getting one of those to split — you can also sample all the hard cheeses at the counter for free and buy a small amount of your favorite. Sit down restaurants in that area are pricy because it’s so touristed. For a more affordable meal in that area I’d recommend looking to the small food stands in the Pike Place market building on Post Alley (the one Rachel’s Ginger Beer is in). I remember there were lots of small, affordable start up and ethnic food stalls in that building that looked good and for lower prices than a sit down restaurant. Have a great time and let me know what you guys eat!

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