I’m Going to Alaska!

The Harbor in Seward Alaska on Resurrection Bay

The Harbor in Seward Alaska on Resurrection Bay

Sometimes I look forward to trips because I’ve never been to a place.  Sometimes it’s because I’m going with friends or family and I just know it’ll be great.   Sometimes Cassie and I have booked a trip so far in advance that I can’t believe it’s finally here.  But this trip is different.

On fairly short notice, my dad is taking me and my brothers to Alaska to celebrate his retirement.  As some of you might know, over the last few years, my dad has been fighting a scary battle with an aggressive melanoma, and I can honestly say it’s beyond my wildest hopes that he’s even still with us to take this trip at all.

Luckily, it’s been over a year since my dad’s last surgery to remove a tumor, and things are going as well as I could ever dream, but I’ve learned not to take anything for granted through this experience.  This trip is going to be very special to me, even if I don’t catch a single fish or get even one good picture of a bear.

So anyways… cancer sucks, Alaska is awesome!  It’s awesome in every way a place could be awesome (though one could argue there are a few too many Palins for anyone’s good).  It is North America’s answer to the Serengeti Plain.  Incomprehensibly vast expanses of pristine wilderness, gargantuan beasts, and endless daylight await me.  In the summer, the weather is amazing.

We went once before back in 2004. This time, I’ll have a way better camera (our Nikon D5100 vs my old D70) capable of focusing on fast-moving critters and shooting in low light conditions.  Both of these factors severely limited me last time.  But even still, here’s a little of what I’m looking forward to (my photos from 2004):

Alaskan Brown Bear catches her dinner

Alaskan Brown Bear catches her dinner


Alaskan Brown Bear female with cub

A curious cub looks on as mama bear does all the work


Sunrise on the Katmai Peninsula, Alaska

Sunrise on the Katmai Peninsula, Alaska


A sea otter relaxes in the calm bay waters, Alaska

A sea otter relaxes in the calm bay waters


Alaskan Black Bear

This guy swam across the channel and then scaled this cliff. Go Bears!!!


Orca, Kenai Fjords National Park, Alaska

I’ll be watching the orcas very closely to try to witness cooperative hunting behavior

Stay tuned for more photos!

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  1. oh whoa! what fantastic photos ALREADY. cannot wait to see what you come back with! ps – we need to get our oyster/beer on.

    • Kevin Adams says:

      Yeah, Alaska is one of those places where you can pretty much point your camera in any direction and randomly snap, and you’ll get great stuff. It’s unbelievable! And oysters/beer? Yes, please! In the meantime, I’ll have to rough it on salmon, halibut, and crab!

  2. Speaking from experience cancer does suck, but glad your dad is still around. Have a fantastic time in Alaska.

  3. PS. Forgot to say, love the new theme. :)

    • Kevin Adams says:

      Thanks, Deb! Cassie worked hard on the theme, and thanks for the positive thoughts about my dad, too! Hope you guys are well!

  4. This is why I love you guys and we should all just be BFFs forever. Alaska is our favorite place in the entire world (Peru comes in a close second for Reid). WORLD. We’ve been twice and are always trying to climb our way back. Hooray for your dad overcoming cancer can’t think of a better place to celebrate retirement! Have fun Kevin!

    • Kevin Adams says:

      Thanks, Hilarye! I thought we were already BFF’s!!! :) I’ve learned not to tempt fate by using words like “overcoming” when it comes to cancer, because any time you start to get comfortable, things come crashing down on your head, but I’m very, very thankful for what I have in the present.

  5. I like the new format (with the caveat that the moving photos provided an unexpected enlarged photo of your adventurous eating experience in Peru!) Hope your trip is just as wonderful as before and even better. Please post often!

  6. Kevin,
    You are quite a photographer! You should open an etsy shop selling your photographs…

    …and I agree with Anne, the new format is way better.

  7. Alaska is amazing! It’s one of the coolest trips I have ever done, super excited for you!

    • Cassie Kifer says:

      Thanks, Nikki! Kevin is really excited to be there right now, and I’m eagerly anticipating his return–and his photos!

  8. Melissa Male says:

    Hope you, your dad and hermanos are having a blast, Kev! Alaska is on my list! Can’t wait to see your pics, which I’m sure are amaze-balls. Enjoy the quality time with youru dad – so glad y’all can be there together! Shoot a Palin for me…errr, I meant with the camera. =)

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