Exploring Mexican Food & The Mission District With Chef Rick Bayless

Chef Rick Bayless speaking on Mexican food

Anyone who has read this blog a few times knows I’ve had a very long love affair with Mexico and Mexican food. When I first moved to California back in 2001, I fell hard for the culture that was everywhere in my diverse Los Angeles community. Since that time, Mexico has been the one foreign country I’ve traveled around the most. I’ve even called it my favorite country […]

EIT Elsewhere: A Weekend Getaway To Baja California, Mexico

Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico

I’ve got Mexico and Mexican food on the brain right now, as I’m finishing up a post about a very special food tour I did last week. Look for that tomorrow! In the meantime, I wanted to share another article I wrote about one of my favorite weekend getaways in Baja California, Mexico. It was just published on […]

Yonderbound: Taking the Pain out of Booking Hotels

Booking a Hotel Using Yonderbound

God, I wish I could tell you I knew an easy way to find places to to stay. In all these years, I’ve learned a few tricks, but booking a place to stay is still one of the most time-consuming and frustrating travel decisions I make. Comfortable rooms make your trip better. I’m thinking back to all those hotel bookings gone […]

An Introduction to Maltese Food

Maltese food

Because of its strategic location and long history of settlement and colonial rule, Malta is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. As anywhere, you can see this best in the food. Maltese food is inspired by neighboring Sicily, mainland Italy, North Africa and the Middle East. There are also indigenous traditions, and even British, European, and Australian influences from the colonial history […]

Everything I Knew About Balsamic Vinegar Was Wrong

Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

In our pantry at home, we have this bottle of Italian balsamic vinegar that we bought on sale from our local supermarket.  The bottle features the face of TV personality Tony Tantillo (a.k.a. “The Fresh Grocer”), along with the number 8, which I had assumed was the vinegar’s age.  But I learned a lot of things on our recent trip […]

Italian Cars That Will Make You Swoon

The Ferrari Museum in Modena, Italy

I drive a 14 year old, beige, Toyota Camry. It doesn’t have hubcaps. It does have a huge dent I put in the rear bumper. I don’t remember the last time I washed it. But I love it because it’s paid off and (usually) runs. That’s all that matters to me in a car. So when Kevin dragged me to the famous Enzo […]