5 Romantic Places To Experience Nature

Molokai sunset, Hawaii

In honor of Earth Day, the online dating company, Zoosk, asked a handful of travel bloggers to share five romantic destinations that also allow you to connect with nature. For me, romance is all about getting away from the crowds to experience beautiful places alone with your partner. To that end, here are my picks: 1. Frenchman’s Cove Beach, Jamaica This is […]

The One Thing You Need To Do in Jamaica


Like many vacation resorts, our hotel in Jamaica had a tour company representative stationed at a booth in the lobby. She had a fat binder filled with glossy brochures highlighting dozens of ways to spend money. I’m always wary of the packaged tours sold in this environment, knowing that some of the options are overpriced, manufactured activities with little connection to the natural environment or culture of the […]

Time-Lapse Video: Riding the Shinkansen, High-Speed Rail in Japan


Japan may be the easiest country in the world to travel around. The country has an impressive rail transportation network allowing both commuters and travelers to move between every major city, and most small cities, by train. A subset of the overall rail system is the large and rapidly expanding high-speed rail network, called shinkansen […]

Spring Break In Jamaica


“On our next trip, I just want to lay on the beach.” Kevin has repeated these words every time we’ve come home after traveling for as long as I can remember. I’m not normally inclined to plan relaxing beach vacations, but I know our recent itineraries have been hectic and particularly hard on Kevin who […]

EIT Elsewhere | Talking Miles + Points With Million Mile Secrets

At Machu Picchu

We were excited to do this interview with Million Mile Secrets. MMS is one of our favorite “travel hacking” blogs, that we read to learn new ways to save money on hotels and flights. I especially love that the editor, Daraius, chose this quote for the title: “For the ones who think I’m shady, I’ve […]

An Inside Look at Tsukiji Fish Market, Tokyo

Fresh Tuna, Tsukiji Fish Market Tokyo

Sometimes the most interesting food experiences don’t involve eating. Sometimes they involve waking up at 4 o’clock in the morning, several hours before breakfast, so food is actually the last thing on your mind. This was our experience visiting Tsukiji Fish Market, the world’s largest wholesale fish market and one of the largest food markets in the […]