The Majestic Mountain Loop Roadtrip

Majestic Mountain Loop

There’s this saying that Californians often use when boasting about the state’s blessed geography: “we can surf in the morning, and ski in the afternoon.” I’ve said it myself, never mind that I don’t surf, nor ski–the point is I could, if I really wanted to. I recently discovered one more beautiful thing to add to our bragging rights: The ability […]

Help Save Rhinos and Win

Help save #JustOneRhino

We landed in Nairobi, Kenya on the morning of my 21st birthday. It was my first time traveling outside of the U.S. and I was incredibly excited. I’d been awarded a federal research grant to travel with my college biology professor and nine other students to do ecological field research out in the Kenyan savannah. Still, I was so jet lagged and culture shocked, I spent […]

Visiting an Italian Agriturismo

A visit to an Italian agriturismo

My favorite parts of travel are when we discover something completely unexpected and new. For all the planning we could do on a trip, jam-packing an itinerary with stops from thorough internet research, reading about what to expect, or watching Rick Steves programs, it is the unexpected surprises that are the among the most memorable. […]

Yosemite and Hetch Hetchy In The Fall

Yosemite Valley in the Fall

Taking as many photos as I do, I sometimes get a bit overwhelmed when I think about processing them afterward.  But the upside of always being at least three to six months behind on sorting through my travel photos is that I’m always surprised–again–by the beauty of the places I’ve visited. Case in point: Yosemite. […]

A Guide To Vegetarian Food in Japan

Eating Vegetarian in Japan

Before we went to Japan, I was a little nervous I would have trouble finding things to eat.  As a long-time vegetarian (with a few key exceptions), I try my best to avoid meat and fish, and Japan is wild about seafood! Luckily for vegetarians, Japanese meals are much more than just fish. Japanese cooks fill the plate with vegetables, beans, tofu, and […]

A Green Place To Stay in Amsterdam

A Green Place to Stay in Amsterdam: Conscious Hotel Vondelpark

One of the things I’m trying to keep in mind in the new year is the impact my everyday actions have on the environment.  This includes traveling in a more sustainable way. The thing is that quite often, these choices can feel like a drag, especially when you’re on vacation. On our recent trip to Amsterdam, we discovered […]