Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese

A few years ago, Kevin went out to New Mexico on a photography trip with his dad and brothers. The one souvenir they brought home was a big bag of green chile powder that they bought at a roadside spice market. That was my introduction to the flavor and ingredient that I’ve learned to associate with New Mexico’s cuisine. […]

How to Photograph A Lunar Eclipse

Sunset on Sunday night… We pulled off the side of the road at a mountaintop vista in Kneeland, California (population: 244). We were in Humboldt County for the weekend visiting a friend who just moved up there. He figured this open space was the prefect spot to see the famous “super blood moon” lunar eclipse. And it was! We had a clear […]

It’s the Perfect Time to go Whale Watching in Monterey Bay

When we first started this blog, one of our goals was to inspire our friends and family to travel more. At the time, I used to joke that our only reader “gave birth to me”–and that was true, for a little while. But it’s also true that nobody has been inspired more to see the world than […]

EIT Elsewhere: First Impressions of the Balkans & Budapest [Interview]

This week, the women’s travel community, Pink Pangea, asked me to share some thoughts on our recent trip to the Balkans and Budapest for their “Real Deal” traveler interview column. I shared some initial thoughts about the place and some travel trips over in that post. Check it out! Travel the Balkans and Budapest, The Real Deal with Cassie […]

Adventures In Pickling & An Addicting Dilly Bean Recipe

Some girlfriends do “spa days”– my girlfriends do “pickling days.” My friend, Cathy, is an elementary school teacher, and on the last full weekend before she started back to school, she invited me and a few other ladies over to make dill pickles and teach us how to can. She wanted to pass on the knowledge […]

Bear Watching, Candied Salmon & One Perfect Sunset

Our trip to Tofino, British Columbia started as too many of our trips do: Locked out of an AirBNB apartment. We were traveling with our B.C.-native friends Ryan and Rita. They had picked us up in Victoria and we headed north. Tofino has been called the “jewel of Canada’s West Coast” and National Geographic Traveler named it one of the […]