Magnolia & Spanish Moss on Avery Island, Louisiana

Magnolias and Spanish moss at Jungle Gardens, Avery Island, Louisiana

Weekly Travel Photo: A colorful scene we spotted while driving through Jungle Gardens in Avery Island, Louisiana.

12 Instagrams from Mazatlan (and Only One Is a Beach)

Instagrams of Mazatlan

The thing that surprised me about Mazatlán, Mexico is how much there is to do, beyond the beach. Don’t get me wrong, the beaches are great. Mazatlan has warm Pacific currents, soft strips of sand, and broad views of three wild islands rising from the sea just off the coast. While I appreciate a nice beach, it’s not enough to lure me […]

My Happy Place: Home

Wisteria in my back yard

I’ve been traveling a lot these last few months–too much, as I’ve been confiding, with no small amount of shame, to my friends. It’s only May, and I’ve spent about 60 days away from home so far in 2015. I live to travel and feel very blessed that Kevin and I have both been able to choose careers in flexible freelance and startup environments that let us take […]

27 Gators: Wildlife Spotting In Southern Louisiana

Louisiana Wildlife Spotting: Alligators at the Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge

The roadside sign warned, “Do not feed or disturb the alligators.” “Ha,” I exclaimed, grabbing my phone to snap a photo. “This might be the only ‘gator we see!” We were driving a portion of the Creole Nature Trail, a 180 mile network of scenic highways that pass through small towns, beaches and wetlands of Southern Louisiana. We had just left Kevin’s uncle’s house […]

Join Us In Palo Alto, CA For Our Next #SweetsCrawl!

Join us for SweetsCrawl Palo Alto!

I’m very excited to announce the date of our next #SweetsCrawl reader meetup & local food tour! Our last event (oh my god, almost a year ago!) in Los Angeles was a lot of fun and I’ve been looking forward to doing it again back home in the Bay. So mark your calendars and save this date: Saturday, June 20. […]

EIT Elsewhere | Malta’s Surprises On The Island of Gozo

Gozo Island, Malta

I got word this week that my latest post for Jetset Extra is up on their site. In this article I share one of Malta’s many surprises: The Island of Gozo. Check it out: Malta’s Many Surprises on The Island of Gozo