Next Stop: London, Croatia & Hungary

Dubrovnik, Croatia

I’ve spent the last few days scrambling to get work done and this post (and this news!) got pushed off until the end. We’re heading to Europe!  We started to talk about doing a summer trip with Kevin’s cousin and her family last year. We finally put it on  the calendar and booked tickets this past February when […]

Japan Love at J-Pop Summit & Sake Summit

JPop Summit and Sake Summit

People that love Japan, LOVE Japan. I don’t think there are that many places in the world that elicit this much obsession, especially among foreigners. While, I admit to fitting squarely in that weirdly obsessed camp, I don’t often get to share my love with other Japanophiles–this past weekend was my chance at San Francisco’s annual J-Pop Summit. As you might guess from the name, the J-Pop Summit started […]

A Visit to Cajun Country, Louisiana

A visit to Cajun Country | Lafayette, Louisiana

When you hear the words “Cajun food,” “Cajun music,” and “French Louisiana,” what place comes to mind? New Orleans, right? That’s what I thought, too. When I finally started to research Louisiana in preparation for our Uncle’s 90th birthday and crawfish bonanza, I was surprised to learn that rural south central Louisiana is actually a better place to learn about […]

One Day in Sacramento

A Day In Sacramento

A few weeks ago, I joined my friends Garrick and Jenna on a day trip to Sacramento.  I’d been wanting to explore California’s capital city for years, so I was excited when Jenna invited us up for the day. (I was even more excited when we decided to take Amtrak.) I’m being generous when I call it […]

In the House of Tom Bombadil

In the House of Tom Bombadil

This is the story of Tom Bombadil, master of wood, water, and hill. In JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, Tom is a man untempted by the promise of power, unburdened by the troubles of the world, impervious to magic, both light and dark. He lives on an island–an unspoiled land of unspeakable beauty […]

(Un-) Tequila Tasting in Mazatlan, Mexico

Tequila Tasting in Mazatlan, Mexico

I didn’t know that Mazatlan, Mexico was known for tequila. In fact, I knew for sure that they didn’t make tequila. How could I be so certain of this? (Geography nerds unite–everyone else, bear with me.) The reason is that Mazatlan is in the Northern Mexican state of Sinaloa. “Tequila” is a legally protected term that can only be used for spirits […]