Tips for Travel To Torres del Paine National Park

Torres del Paine National Park - Mirador Las Torres

A few years ago, Kevin and I visited Torres del Paine National Park in Chile’s Patagonia region. This trip to the end of the earth was amazing, but we found it somewhat challenging to plan. Seeking to address the lack of information we found online, we shared the post, Tips for the W Trek in Torres del Paine, Chile. As […]

A Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony in Uji, Japan

A traditional Japanese tea ceremony in Uji, Japan

My stomach grumbled, and Kevin looked at me, alarmed. It was a bad time for my body to let me know it was lunchtime. We were kneeling on tatami grass mats in a tiny hut, silently watching a kimono-clad woman fold a napkin again and again. Just a few minutes before, we were asked not to speak during the silent performance. I was trying so […]

Bay Area Eats: Best San Jose Restaurants, Bars, and Cafes


San Jose, California doesn’t get a lot of recognition for it, but like the rest of the San Francisco Bay Area, we’ve got a lot of great food! In a few weeks, my fair city will host the 10th anniversary of BlogHer, an annual conference celebrating women in blogging. I’m planning to go for the first time.  I […]

A Summer Camping Checklist

Summer Camping Checklist

A few years ago, we started an annual tradition of going camping with a small group of friends over 4th of July weekend. Rocio and I came up with the idea shortly after we adopted our respective dogs, and discovered that Independence Day (and the constant explosions of illegal firecrackers in our urban neighborhoods) drive […]

A Photo Tour of Alaska

Images of Alaska

One curious thing about digital photography is how amazing photos often remain hidden, buried by the thousands of shots we take each year. Since we lost Kevin’s dad back in May, I’ve spent hours going through old photos from times we spent with him, digging for photos of him and memories of times we spent together. As photographers, this is how we deal with our emotions. Time spent with […]

Exploring Yosemite’s South Gate

A Weekend at Yosemite's South Entrance

The magnificent cliffs and waterfalls of the Yosemite Valley are the first stop for most visitors to Yosemite National Park. But once you’ve visited the Valley, then what? I’m lucky to live just a few hours from this national treasure and I’ve traveled through the park several times. When my mom expressed interest in visiting Yosemite on her recent trip to California, I jumped at […]